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E-learning development: I design interactive and engaging courses and training that will enhance the performance of the trainees and the learning experiences of the learners.


  • RISE 360
  • H5P


Collaborative Teaching: Conflict Resolution: Tools: Articulate Storyline 360, Rise 360, Canva. LMS : Moodle

USE CASE: I developed this Virtual instructor-led course for a couple of schools in California as their professional development for their teachers. The goal of this course was to support both new and experienced educators engaged in or preparing to engage in co-teaching partnerships, specifically aimed at supporting students with special needs.

LMS : Moodle

Cyber Security: Ransomware

Title: Onboarding for New Hires

Tools: Articulate Storyline 360


Client: IT and HR Consulting Company, California, USA

My Role: e-learning developer and LMS Administrator

Context: This is a consulting company assisting other companies with remote onboarding during the pandemic.

Challenge: During the pandemic, remote onboarding increased, and there were not enough training materials and vital supports for companies to adopt and implement. Being the e-learning developer, I created storyboards, designed and developed their e-learning modules using RISE 360, and created videos using Articulate SL 360. I also helped them in their LMS (Talent LMS) administration by uploading and migrating the content for their users.

Title: UX- (User Experience)

Tools: Articulate Storyline 360

This is part of the instructor-led training on UX. 


Client: IT Company, USA

My Role: e-learning Developer, and ID-II

Context: This is an IT company contracting manufacturing companies globally and selling products.

Challenge: This small business has been doing UX testing for products for several years and now wants to develop its training programs by creating instructor-led and virtual-instructor-led training for its staff and users as well. Their courses are focused on UX research and applicability.

Being part of the ID team and e-learning developer, I am creating storyboards, designing and developing their e-learning modules using RISE 360, and creating videos using Articulate SL 360, Powtoon, and Camtasia.

I also assisted the ID team in creating job aids and participant and facilitator guides using CANVA and Genially.

Title: Workplace Accommodation Training for new managers

Tools: Articulate Storyline 360

This is part of the virtual- instructor-led training on disability inclusion: workplace accommodations. 

A Dilemma Scenario for New Managers: SL 360 This is part of the instructor-led training (ILT) on workplace accommodation.


Client: Learning Comet( self), California, USA

My Role: SME, e-learning Developer, and ID

Context: I am creating these courses for my neurodiverse career coaching clients and their companies.


When I launched my INCLUZEN PROGRAM (neurodiverse career coaching), I found that my neurodiverse clients needed me to help them with workplace accommodations since employers were unaware of the accommodations that these workers needed to be functional and productive daily.

I have been offering my clients in-person coaching and supporting their managers with accommodation training.

I am creating storyboards, creating and designing e-learning courses using RISE 360, and developing videos with Articulate SL 360, Powtoon, Create Studio, and Camtasia.

Using CANVA and Genially, I am designing job aids and participant and facilitator guides for supervisors and new managers.

Title: Disability Inclusion/Diversity of Neurodiverse

Tools: Articulate RISE 360

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